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Really Nice Food | Call Lane Social and the night of the Amputated Zombie

Call Lane Social and the night of the Amputated Zombie

Now, I know that the title doesn’t seem very ‘food related’ but it is, promise.

Last week I attended a cocktail masterclass hosted by Culture Vulture and Call Lane Social. The bar is situated on Call Lane, (surprisingly) and is the third bar venture for Phil and Mel Harrison who, also own Verve and the Reform.

When I think of cocktails I always think of a Tom Cruise-esque (late 80‘s era) character throwing bottles in the air, I remember thinking when I was younger that it all looked a bit too dangerous.

The weather might have been miserable but, we were given the warmest of welcome when we arrived.

Our masterclass was upstairs to the Tiki bar, the space upstairs was amazing and would be ideal for a small party. Scattered with Polynesian sculptures you could see that a lot of thought had gone into the design.

Andy was our host for the night and the first cocktail we made was called the Amputated Zombie (Ahhh I hear you all cry).

The cocktail we were told was created by Donn Beach and was given its name because of its potency. It’s a mixture of three Rums (Wray and Nephew, Appletons VX and Myers) so after two of these you would be on the floor.

After Andy showed us how it was done, we all got a chance to have a go ourselves.

Call Lane Social uses fresh limes as the base of most of their cocktails, this means that lime juicing is the first job of the day. Andy told us to get one bottle of their lime juice takes on average 30 limes.

The best part of this cocktail is the theatrical element. The Zombie is topped with Wray and Nephew rum soaked honeycomb and then doused with a little bit more rum before being set alight.

The next cocktail we made was called the Culture Vulture God (Created especially for us), as this cocktail is not shaken but swizzled we were able to make them at the bar.

The Culture Vulture God uses Call Lane’s very own secret mix of rums, made in old Rum bottles. Traditionally Tiki bars would have their own rum mix that would be a closely guarded secret.

After all this cocktail making we were all a bit errr ‘pooped’, so we had our last cocktail of the night.

Call Lane Social, for me is the jewel of Call Lane and is definitely somewhere I will be going to again.

Call Lane Social
38 Call Lane

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