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Really Nice Food | Dinner Duck Tales

Dinner Duck Tales

Did you know that Duck is a popular meat in Mexico ?

Neither did we until we went to our favourite Mexican Pinche Pinche a while ago and was told this amazing fact.

Whilst shopping at Costco we came across a pack of seven Gressingham duck breasts and I thought that it would make a nice change to the usual poultry we have for dinner.

My initial thoughts were oriental, bit of five spice rubbed in skin, browned in the frying pan and finished in the oven.

My plans were somewhat scuppered as my other half hates five spice so I decided on attempting to recreate the duck fajitas we had at Pinche Pinche.

I cut the pepper and onions up and placed them in a bowl with some chilli powder, paprika, cumin, ginger, flaked chillies and garlic powder.

With the breasts, I made small cuts through the skin (not all the way down) and then rubbed with the same seasoning that I put on the peppers and onions.

In a hot griddle I cooked the duck first skin side down first and then turning once, until it was just slightly pink in the middle and left them to rest whist the peppers and onions were cooking.

I served this with tortilla wraps, salsa, sour cream and guacamole.

The only drink that goes well with fajitas for us is margaritas, I know that the classic one are shaken over ice and if I go to a bar that the way I would prefer it to be served.

At home however, I prefer to make the frozen variety (think really posh alcoholic slush puppy)


To make my mango margaritas you will need:

250 ml Simple syrup (I make this using a half and half mix of sugar and water)

125ml lime juice

125ml lemon juice

Good slug of Tequila

100g frozen Mango

Ice cubes

This is all placed in the liquidiser and blended .


We have another pack of duck breasts left in the freezer so I am on the search for inspiration. Watch this space…

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