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Really Nice Food | Olympic Food Challenge no. 6 Kiribati- Roasted Lobster Tails with Coconut Curry Dipping Sauce

Olympic Food Challenge no. 6 Kiribati- Roasted Lobster Tails with Coconut Curry Dipping Sauce

Where is it:

Kiribati is an island nation located in the central tropicalPacific Ocean. The permanent population is just over 100,000 (2011), and the island nation is composed of 32 atolls and one raised coral island, dispersed over 3.5 million square kilometres.

Five facts about Kiribati

  • Kiribati is pronounced as keer-i-bahs.
  • The islands of Kiribati span a vast area in the Pacific Ocean and lie across the Equator and the International Date Line.
  • The main island groups in Kiribati are the Gilberts Group, the Phoenix Group and the Line Islands Group.
  • The highest point on Kiribati is on the island of Banaba (81 m).
  • Banaba is one of three large phosphate rock islands in the Pacific.


My Other half has his own business so, from time to time he asks me to take time off from work to help him with his work stuff. I don’t mind doing this- being a brownie leader I do bear in mind the brownie promise I took years ago about doing a good turn everyday.

Anyway it seems that all my good turns has finally paid off as instead of work to do, he just wanted to take me to Whitby for the day.

Why am I telling you this? I hear you ask. Well the reason is two fold: One it was such a lovely thing to do and I dont often get chance to say how wonderful my fiancé is- well he has his moments. Two seeing we were by the sea what better excuse to find a lobster and cook the first of the two Lobster recipes I have in this challenge.

I found looking for recipes from Kiribati very hard, in my research I stumbled across a quote from The Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maarten Troost, about the food from Kiribati which states: “It is entirely possible that somewhere on planet Earth there exists a cuisine more unpalatable than that found in Kiribati.

Hmm obviously J Maarten Troost had not attempted an Olympic food challenge. The more unusual the dishes get in this challenge the more I realise that you can find something palatable from just about any cuisine.

Anyway, as luck would have it I discovered a wonderful blog called global table adventures ( It’s about a family and their food adventures. They want to make sure that Ava (their daughter) has tried something from all 195 countries by the time she turns five.

We could not find lobster tails, so we had to settle for a whole lobster from Magpie’s fishmonger in Whitby.

‘Lobby’ as we affectionally named our Lobster, was brushed with oil and oven baked for around 20 minutes.

The sauce was the only thing that took sometime (grinding the spices). I was very surprised to have most of the ingredients in my spice cupboard already.

I would say if you are like me and don’t know where to start with preparing a lobster, you can always ask your fishmonger to do it when you buy it.

This was certainly the case in Whitby and I will let you know if it is the case in Leeds when I pick up the Lobster for the big challenge finale (yes I can see that the end is near).



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